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Aitken Spence and EcoCorp Asia to take nanotechnology to the next level in Sri Lanka

Aitken Spence PLC will be partnering Eco Corp Asia, to take nanotechnology to local industries. This partnership is seen as a business venture with great promise, considering the solution it provides across almost every industry in the country.

Aitken Spence, one of Sri Lanka’s premier blue chips with interests in several key sectors of the local economy, joined their expertise with EcoCorp Asia sole partners for nanopool® GmbH, in Sri Lanka, to introduce this futuristic technology.

Chairman of Aitken Spence PLC, speaking on the Company’s vision and trailblazer spirit said that with this partnership, Aitken Spence would be investing in technology of the future. He said, “This Company started as a trading house, moved into shipping agencies, plantation management and the garment industry. In the hospitality industry, we have pioneered many innovations and opened new horizons for Sri Lanka’s tourism sector. We are first Sri Lankan company to own and manager hotels as well own and manage ports overseas. Therefore change is nothing new to us; wherever we see opportunity we do not fear to tread. That’s part of the Aitken Spence DNA and we are happy to be associated with EcoCorp Asia’s pioneering spirit in bringing this nanotechnology-based solution to Sri Lanka. I believe that if developed carefully, nanopool will become a very viable venture.”

nanopool® technology is a form of liquid glass a surface protection system that is 500 times thinner than a single strand of human hair, and harmless to living things and the wider environment. It is one of the most important, environmentally friendly products to emerge from the field of nanotechnology. The ultrathin layers created over the surface offer several benefits – protection against corrosion, easy-to-clean surfaces, dirt-repellent surfaces, abrasion resistance (wear protection), scratchproof surfaces, anti-bacterial surfaces, protection against moisture, and acid and alkaline protection.

The partnership between the two companies was officially announced at the launch of nanopool® to local industries at an event held at the BMICH, participated by key officials from various sectors, including construction, architects, hotels, manufacturing, hospitals, telecommunications, garments etc.

Manilal Fernando, Chairman of Eco Corp Asia who had done the ground work for the venture by connecting with nanopool® GmbH in Germany said that their partnership with Aitken Spence will bring greater synergy in commercialising this product. He said “Aitken Spence is at the helm of many an industry in Sri Lanka and with their expertise joined with our team’s ingenuity, we are looking at a longstanding partnership, with a product which has already well on the way to becoming a great success.”