Board of Directors

Mr.G.C. Wickremasinghe

Mr. G.C. Wickremasinghe started his career in 1954 on an Aitken Spence managed plantations. He has therefore had an unbroken association of nearly 60 years with the Company. After over a decade as a professional planter he moved to the Company’s head office in 1965 to take over the Estate Agency Department. In the early 70’s, he also took charge of the Insurance division, including the Lloyd’s Agency and the Singapore Airlines Agency. When the Insurance industry was liberalised in the late 80’s, he played an active role in the formation of Union Assurance Ltd., and served a stint as its Chairman.

Mr. Wickremasinghe was appointed to the Board of Aitken Spence PLC., in 1972 and was Chairman from 1996 to 1997. He has therefore been a Director of the Company continuously for a period of over 40 years. He has a wide and varied experience in many business sectors. Mr. Wickremasinghe has the distinction of being responsible for the concept and construction of the Group’s unique theme hotel – The Heritance Tea Factory.