Aitken Spence
Integrated Logistics

Extending our services worldwide, we have evolved into a fully integrated logistics solutions provider. While we offer total logistics solutions to our large clients, we have expanded our operations to total supply chain management where the stability of our Group and the experience of staff backs our expertise. Among other services we offer Warehouse Management and Quality Assurance Center Facilities.

for all logistic needs

logistic needs
Among our services are Container Depot (for laden and empty container storage), Local Cargo Consolidation and Stuffing, Cargo Consolidation and Stuffing for Apparel Industry, Garments on Hanger Facilities, Quality Assurance Center Facilities, Heavy Over-Dimensional Project Cargo Handling, Warehouse Management, Container Repairs, Container Conversions, Warehousing, Refrigerated Storage, Transport, Flexi Tanks, Facilities in the Export Promotion Zones.

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With a fleet of prime movers including low bed/high bed trailers, forklifts, cranes and handling equipment for the transport and positioning of over-dimensional project cargo, we are the trusted partner for heavy duty cargo handling.

World class container freight stations – warehouses

We are one of the largest inland container terminals in Sri Lanka, equipped with the latest infrastructure to meet the requirements of shipping lines, freight forwarders, and container leasing companies, shippers, and consignees. We have a computerized information network providing instant reports on all our operations.