Airline GSA

Representing Sri Lankan Airlines in the Maldives as its GSA, our relationship with Singapore airlines spans four decades, signifying the perfect role model for maintaining business relationships

Relationship with Singapore Airlines

singapore-airlines Our unbroken 40 year partnership with Singapore Airlines (SIA) as the longest serving General Sales Agent in the SIA network reflects the trust and confidence one of the World’s Best Airlines has placed in our service delivery. The foundation set at the very inception of the Airline, has grown into a strong business partnership, which has thrived and prospered over the years. We have grown together to become the best in our respective industries. Read More

Relationship with Sri Lankan Airlines

sri-lanka-airlines Although our partnership with Sri Lankan Airlines; Sri Lanka’s national carrier begun two year ago, it has grown into a successful and mutually beneficial business. We serve as the airline’s General Sales Agents in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, which is the busiest operating destination for the airline. SLA is also the largest operating carrier to and from the Maldives.