Strategic Investments - Aitken Spence
Strategic Investments

We have explored our interest in diverse growth areas across the local economy that requires specialized knowledge, skills and intensive capital. This enterprising journey has enabled us to establish a cluster of diversified businesses that are market leaders in their respective industries, delivering exceptional performances backed by smart strategy, strong brand equity and highly sustainable business practices.

The group’s current strategic interest lies in power generation, printing & packaging, plantations and apparel manufacturing, all businesses well positioned to create long-term value for our stakeholders, and collectively contributing to the growth momentum of the Sri Lankan economy.

Printing & Packaging

Drawing from over five decades of experience in the industry, our printing and packaging solutions are sought after by leading brands for assured quality, eye for detail and ecofriendly practices.

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Aitken Spence Printing Website

Apparel Manufacture

Exporting over 5 million pieces of high-value apparel annually, we have evolved from one of the very first companies established in Sri Lanka to a globally admired ethical manufacturing operation.

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Elpitiya Plantations is a subsidiary of Aitken Spence producing exquisite quality tea, rubber and oil palm as its core business, with invested interest in non-commodity areas such as green energy.

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Aitken Spence Plantations Website

Power Generation

One of the most broad based and innovative clusters of Aitken Spence, we develop and operate thermal, hydro and wind power plants that contribute to the national grid.

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