Focus Areas - Aitken Spence

Focus Areas

Our Sustainability Framework seeks to ensure proactive compliance with laws, regulations, industry best practices and benchmarks across four broad areas of focus:

(Numbers represent annually published statistics for the most recent fiscal year – 2020/21)

Employee Relations:

  • LKR 6,766 million worth of employee benefits
  • Direct income generation to 12,500 families
  • 58% of wealth distributed among employees
  • LKR 5.7 million investment in training and development
  • 41% representation of female employees

Socially Inclusive Development:

  • LKR 136 million funds channeled for community development
  • Of over 60% of employees from the ‘local’ community
  • A network of over 10,000 suppliers and service providers
  • Over 3,500 suppliers educated on social and environmental sustainability


  • LKR 55 million total investment on sustainability processes and action plans
  • 52% water withdrawn is treated for reuse or safe disposal
  • 36% of the total energy consumption and 44% of the direct energy consumption from renewable energy
  • > 45,000 MT of residual municipal solid waste kept away from landfills
  • Over 80ha of forest cover maintained in its pristine condition
  • 37,338 tonnes CO2e emissions reduced and/ or offset

Economic Performance & Governance:

  • LKR 47.9 million foreign currency generated to the country
  • LKR 1.6 billion taxes paid to the Government
  • Pioneering signatories to the UN Global Compact and Women’s Empowerment Principles
  • Most awarded company at the Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award 2020
  • Consistently ranked among the hall of fame top 20 of LMD’s Most Respected entities
  • Platinum ranked in the STING – LMD Corporate Accountability Index since 2010
  • Among the top companies in Sri Lanka’s first-ever assessment of transparency in corporate reporting by Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL)